Jan 24, 2020

See what Messenger will let you do

Unlock the app with your face.

Unlock the app with your face.

Soon you can sign in to the Facebook Messenger app using your face. The new opportunity was discovered by app developer Jane Manchun Wong, who is known for revealing upcoming in-app features.

Maybe with Touch ID too
Once you decide to sign in with Face ID, Messenger will deny you access unless you unlock the app with your face. As of today, there is no such security mechanism in Facebook's Messenger client. If someone gets hold of your phone code it is today free to open the app.

In addition to the possibility of authentication via the face, it is likely to be possible to use Touch ID on older devices.

Claims data is not shared with Facebook
Note that you can still respond to messages and calls even if the app is locked. You can also choose to lock the app after either 1 minute, 15 minutes or after 1 hour. According to Facebook, Face ID data will not be stored or shared with Facebook.

The references were found in the Messenger code and it is currently unknown when the feature is rolled out to users.

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