Roblox Game Review | Aug 11, 2016 | Master3395

Impulse is a sci-fi FPS created by Rhyles on roblox. Impulse has a variety of primary and secondary futuristic styled weapons available for use when a player first enters the game. The weapons include snipers, shotguns, semi automatic and automatic weapons as well as a knife sidearm. The weapons in this game are high detail in comparison to most roblox weapons, as well as this there is a smooth character movement system which leads to good gameplay. PARA 2: the map which is used in Impulse is meant to be a futuristic indoor environment although most of the map is the same colour; Dark Stone Grey or neon turquoise, the lack of colour can leave the map looking a bit dull, this leave you wondering what the map is supposed to be, a futuristic industrial warehouse, the inside of a spaceship? There is also only one map, another map would keep the game interesting for longer. What's good about Impulse is that is under no circumstances not pay to play as there are no game passes to purchase or unlock more overpowered weapons, however it would be nice to see some weapons or features which have to be unlocked which would allow game progression.
I would recommend this game as a weapons and game mechanics testing place, you can find it here.

Keywords: Impulse, sci-fi

Author: Master3395


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