Hack an iPhone you can get up to $ 200 000

Apple | Aug 5, 2016 | Master3395

Apple will go thorough, with safety.

iPhone manufacturer Apple has initiated a bounty program for its iOS devices.

security Focus

This means that if you manage to find any vulnerabilities in iOS or iPhone, hang a few dollars reward.

Initially there is a selection specialist who will participate in the program, but eventually it becomes available to whoever may desire.

Either way it's harsh demands of those who try it. It is not enough just to point out where the error or weakness lies, one must also submit convincing evidence in order to receive the reward.

How is Apple's bounty program:

In the spring of this year there was much focus on Apple iOS and security under the much talked FBiOS case. FBI eventually managed to unlock an iPhone 5c with help from hackers.

Google has paid millions
Apple is by no means the first to adopt such a bounty program. Last year paid Google $ two million to people who found security holes and other vulnerabilities in its products.

"Google Reward Program" was actually started in 2010 and so far, Google has paid out over 50 million.

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