The 5G boss has left Apple

General | May 2, 2019 | Master3395

Shortly after the agreement with Qualcomm.

Ruben Caballero is the man who warned Steve Jobs that the iPhone 4 could get signal trouble, a known issue that was later referred to as an antenna agate.

Over the past few years, Caballero has risen and become an increasingly important person for Apple. Lately, he has been responsible for Apple's 5G development.

Creates your own 5G chip
As is well known, Apple has begun to work on its own 5G chip - though the company will use the Qualcomm chips in the 2020 models of the iPhone, in the future it is expected that the phones will come with their own chips.

Now, Caballero has surprisingly quit Apple. He has been removed from the company's list of employees and sources have confirmed to The Information and AppleInsider the resignation.

Great replacements
The departure also comes with speculation. Has the deal with Qualcomm prompted Apple to change its plans?

Apple's 5G development now appears to be led by Johny Srouji. Last weekend, it was also known that Apple in February picked up Intel's leading 5G engineer Umashankar Thyagarajan. Thyagarajan had been in Intel for nearly ten years before joining Apple.

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Sources: 9to5Mac

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