Next Android can be full dark

Google | Jan 10, 2019 | Master3395

Confirmed well on the way that the mode comes to Android Q.

Google admits that dark apps have several benefits, including providing better battery life. We have already known for a while that the company is working to expand support for such apps - an increasing number of Android apps can now be used with so-called "dark mode".

YouTube, messages, contacts and the phone app have already received support for the mode.

"Must be completed by May"
Many had hoped that Google would launch a system-wide nightmare with Android Pie, but it didn't happen. Now the eyes are aimed at the next launch, namely Android Q.

And it is far affirmed that night mode comes. In a post on Chromium's Bug Monitoring site, a Google employee posted the following posts:

«Night mode is an approved Q function (…). The Q team will ensure that all pre-installed apps support night mode from scratch. To do this, we need all UI elements to be designed for night mode by May 2019 ».

No longer public
After several technology sites wrote about the case, the post was changed to "private", further reinforcing the impression that this is legitimate information.

A preview of the next Android edition is expected sometime in the spring, so don't overlook the night mode being found there. The new setting will be available via Settings -> Display - Night mode after all the sunmarks.

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