Closes Apple Music Connect permanently

Apple | Dec 18, 2018 | Master3395

Get the same treatment as Ping.

Yesterday Apple announced that their Apple Music Connect platform is in an ending process, where the company plans to shut it down, not unlike what happened in 2012 with Ping with similar functionality in iTunes.

Can not publish any more
Apple Music Connect is a service that has been intended to be a social platform for artists. In a letter to the artists, Apple tells them that they can no longer publish things to Connect as of today, while the feature has been removed from the artist pages and the "For Your" window in Apple Music.

The same letter states that what has been posted on the media will be available until 24 May 2019.

Apple gives artists access to a new beta for Apple Music for Artists where content companies can see how music influenced streaming services with statistics on listeners and the like.

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