Musk will sell watchtowers that you build yourself

General | Nov 23, 2018 | Master3395

The tunnel seal must be removed in one way or another.

To make the tunnel excavation easier, The Boring Company and Elon Musk cheat for new creative ways to get rid of the mud buried for tunnel construction. Now they launch the self-guard tower where you get bricks and a picture of instructions along with the task of building the tower itself.

Selling bricks and a picture
Making the self-guard tower seem to be one of the many joys of Elon Musk, this seems to have become a reality as it can actually prove to be a profitable way to get rid of the mud.

The company estimates the mud reliever to be 15 percent of the total cost of digging a tunnel.

The Boring Company has also put together an effective way of producing bricks, which are probably sold for 10 cents per piece:

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