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Are you ready for 13GB/s SSDs?

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Samsung is getting ready to launch its new 990 Pro SSDs with PCIe 5.0. Today's top model in the series is the 980.

2TB and 1TB first
The model names are “MZ-V9P2T0” and “MZ-V9P2T0” which are probably the 2TB and 1TB models. The new products were submitted for certification in Korea yesterday.


If you don't have a motherboard that supports PCIe 5.0 yet, and can't get enough of fast SSDs, it's time to find out what to buy (it might be wise to wait for AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel Raptor Lake), for these SSDs are lightning fast.


Almost doubles the speed
Samsung has already launched PCIe 5.0 for the business market (PM1743), and they reach speeds of 13GB/s, up from 7Gb/s with the widespread PCIe 4.0 standard.


It's probably not long until the products are officially revealed, but Overlock3D ponders whether Samsung will wait for AMD Ryzen 4 and Intel Raptor Lake, or if they will unveil them during CES 2023 which runs from 5 to 8 January.


In 2023, games will be incredibly fast with DirectStorage
The icing on the cake is DirectStorage support in Windows 11, which drastically shortens loading times by up to 70 percent.


The technology has been ready for developers since March this year, so now it's just up to the developers. The prophet who was just exposed will be one of the first to receive support.


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