Here's how Google follows everything you do in life

Google | Aug 28, 2018 | Master3395

Even if you do not use Android Mobile, it sends 10 times more data to Google than the iPhone.

The industry organization Digital Content Next has mapped Google's espionage on its customers.

Remember: Google is an advertising company and you are the product
For the report, Google Data Collection, it appears that Android mobiles that are not in use send on average 10 times more data to Google than an iPhone.

Among other things, it has been discovered that an Android in hibernation and Chrome running in the background communicated site data with Google 340 times in 24 hours.
On an iPhone with Safari open instead, Google turned out to be unable to retrieve information if the user is not actively using the device.

To summarize, an Android mobile will sleep with Chrome in the background almost fifty times more requests per hour than an iPhone with Safari.

Android and Chrome use both WiFi, Bluetooth, and radio to find out where you are, and even if WiFi is turned off, WiFi tracking is another feature that remains turned on if the user does not disable this as well. Google everything to bother you.

Spores you all the time
The report describes how Google collected the location of the user nine times in a 15-minute walk.

In the requests, there were snapped around 100 unique BSSIDs on public and private WiFi networks.

The tracking activity on Android vs. iPhone. (Ill .: digitalcontentnext.org)

Used to sell ads at a higher price
Google, an advertising company, has a highly licensed system to track their users in combination with Android mobiles, which also allows you to know where your customers are.

DoubleClick ad cookies should be anonymous, but according to this report, Google can find out who owns the cookie when the user logs in to Google service with the same browser that saved the cookie.

Apple, for its part, has previously said that they only retrieve data from users to improve services like Siri and to detect problematic websites that can cause Safari problems with too much memory usage and such things. According to Apple, this information is stored before it is sent to Apple's servers, so raw data is never sent or can be viewed by Apple's servers.

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