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Apple may change important name

Category: Apple|Feb 29, 2024 | Author: Admin

A source with knowledge of Apple's plans reveals to the Apple blog MacRumors that the company has plans to implement a major brand change. [more]

Accusing Intel of cheating

Category: IT|Feb 20, 2024 | Author: Admin

The "Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation" organizes standardized tests of, among other things, CPUs. [more]

Never again

Category: IT|Jan 31, 2024 | Author: Admin

Never remember what your router's IP address is? [more]

Nintendo believes in MASSIVE launch

Category: IT|Jan 29, 2024 | Author: Admin

Information is constantly leaking about Nintendo's upcoming console, a majorly upgraded Switch. [more]

Crisis fixes

Category: Microsoft|Jan 12, 2024 | Author: Admin

Both Microsoft and Intel have rolled out important WiFi bug fixes. [more]

Not exactly a Christmas present from Nintendo

Category: IT|Dec 28, 2023 | Author: Admin

It was early October this year that we wrote “Nintendo has confirmed an important shutdown for 3DS and Wii U online players.” [more]

AMD is the undisputed datacenter GPU performance champ - for now

Category: IT|Dec 17, 2023 | Author: Admin

There is nothing quite like great hardware to motivate people to create and tune software to take full advantage of it during a boom time. And as we have been saying since we first caught wind of the “Antares” Instinct MI300 family of GPUs, AMD is going to take Nvidia... [more]

Windows 12 and the coming AI chip war

Category: Microsoft|Dec 16, 2023 | Author: Admin

A Windows release planned for next year may be the catalyst for a new wave of desktop chips with AI processing capabilities. [more]

No, you're not wrong

Category: IT|Nov 27, 2023 | Author: Admin

"Who needs Intel's Optane when you have AMD's 3D V-Cache," asks Tom's Hardware rhetorically, referring to incredible transfer speeds. [more]

1310 FPS!

Category: IT|Oct 24, 2023 | Author: Admin

On October 16, Intel launched the i9-14900KF, their newest and fastest CPU for gamers. The price is just over NOK 8,000. [more]

OpenAI Finally Allows ChatGPT Complete Internet Access

Category: IT|Oct 21, 2023 | Author: Admin

Those paying for OpenAI’s chatbot are now able to use Bing to give ChatGPT the latest information. Plus, DALL-E 3 integration is rolling out in beta. [more]

It's that simple

Category: Microsoft|Oct 11, 2023 | Author: Admin

Intel 7th generation and AMD's first generation Ryzen CPUs should have been allowed to run Windows 11, simply because they are powerful enough. [more]

EU Chips Act comes into force to ensure supply chain resilience

Category: IT|Sep 28, 2023 | Author: Admin

The EU is investing $3.6 billion with the aim of attracting $43.7 billion more in private investment and doubling its current global semiconductor market share. [more]

Microsoft 365 Copilot rollout set for Nov. 1

Category: Microsoft|Sep 27, 2023 | Author: Admin

The generative AI assistant will be available to enterprise customers for $30 per user each month; meanwhile, an invite-only early access program for SMBs has begun. [more]

Not the big performance fest, but it's a big advantage

Category: General|Aug 19, 2023 | Author: Admin

“Intense upcoming Core i9 15900K (“Arrow Lake” 15th generation series) could be a monster for gamers. [more]

Ubisoft is suspending "inactive" accounts, removing access to attached games

Category: IT|Jul 24, 2023 | Author: Admin

It's not clear how long the period of inactivity is that can lead to suspension [more]

The next generation will be so much faster

Category: IT|Jul 10, 2023 | Author: Admin

The Core i7-14700K is 17 percent faster than the i7-13700K (NOK 5,300). [more]

"The Pirate Bay" comeback after four years

Category: General|Jun 30, 2023 | Author: Admin

It has been almost 20 years since The Pirate Bay opened. [more]

Hacker ChatGPT accounts

Category: General|Jun 22, 2023 | Author: Admin

The security company Group-IB has revealed a massive hunt for ChatGPT users, and the criminals have unfortunately been successful. [more]

Here the pirates can continue

Category: General|Jun 20, 2023 | Author: Admin

The Reddit forum for Nintendo piracy and emulation discussions became too much. [more]

Now "i" becomes history

Category: IT|Jun 19, 2023 | Author: Admin

Intel confirms they are dropping the i in CPU names. [more]

You can lose everything

Category: Google|May 20, 2023 | Author: Admin

Google says that for security reasons they will delete Google accounts that have been inactive for two years. [more]

Smashed four pirate blocks in the same game

Category: IT|May 18, 2023 | Author: Admin

A month and a half after the launch of the cracking good Resident Evil 4, the pirates have managed to crack the anti-piracy system. [more]

Company confirms major iPhone 15 disappointment

Category: Apple|May 5, 2023 | Author: Admin

In an unexpected change in the matter, Cirrus Logic now confirms that they will not produce the new digital buttons for the iPhone 15 series. [more]

Google Authenticator finally, mercifully adds account syncing for two-factor codes

Category: Google|Apr 29, 2023 | Author: Admin

Now, whenever you upgrade to a new phone, your one-time codes will be readily available once you’ve signed in to your Google account. IT employees must be crying tears of joy. [more]

Intel doesn't give up

Category: IT|Apr 5, 2023 | Author: Admin

Intel has probably experienced that it is not exactly easy to enter a duopoly market and take large market shares without further ado. [more]

Goes out on date without power

Category: General|Mar 7, 2023 | Author: Admin

If you never start it, it might not start again. [more]

The iPhone 15 doesn't get this either

Category: Apple|Jan 29, 2023 | Author: Admin

The antenna system of the iPhone 15 has interestingly been revealed, and it may seem that we have forgotten WiFi 6E. Therefore, nothing but the iPhone 15 Pro gets the 6GHz band for faster transmission. [more]

This is a 6GHz beast and the price is surprising

Category: IT|Jan 16, 2023 | Author: Admin

Intel's Core i9 13900K "Raptor Lake" is already available for NOK 7,100. [more]

Anyone tougher with a range of 805 km?

Category: General|Jan 8, 2023 | Author: Admin

Stellantis has introduced the RAM 1500 Revolution. [more]

“The fastest”

Category: General|Jan 3, 2023 | Author: Admin

Finally, it is the laptop's turn to be fed with Intel's 13th-generation CPU architecture. [more]

The worst sales in 20 years

Category: General|Jan 1, 2023 | Author: Admin

Figures from Jon Peddie Research revealed that after covid, sales of GPUs have fallen straight down. [more]

Microsoft removes beloved feature

Category: General|Dec 14, 2022 | Author: Admin

Do you use Microsoft Authenticator to generate login codes and to approve logins? [more]

These countries cheat the most and this is how they do it

Category: General|Nov 20, 2022 | Author: Admin

Did you know that the Danes are the fifth most cheating in the world with a five percent cheating rate? [more]

Totally raw bandwidth

Category: IT|Oct 23, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel has an exciting preview for us: Thunderbolt 5. [more]

Microsoft can't get printing in Windows 11

Category: Microsoft|Oct 1, 2022 | Author: Admin

Have you not updated to the 2022 update? [more]

Could this be the start of something big?

Category: IT|Sep 28, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel and Samsung collaborate on folding laptops. [more]

Now there is yet another new model, and that is important

Category: General|Aug 30, 2022 | Author: Admin

Two new Playstation 5 models have been discovered in Australia. [more]

‘Mario Kart’ is 30 years old, if you can believe that

Category: General|Aug 27, 2022 | Author: Admin

Our favorite memories of the great grudge-match settler, that launched August 26 1992, 30 years ago. [more]

Is Intel's big graphics card venture already dead?

Category: General|Aug 7, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel has not exactly gone bombastic and served heaps of its new graphics cards globally, at the same time. [more]

Newstargeted server knocked out of the heat wave in Germany

Category: General|Jul 28, 2022 | Author: Admin

NewsTargeted may never have experienced as long downtime as what we experienced from GMT Mon Jul 25 2022 23:00:00 GMT+0000 Tue Jul 26 2022 01:00:00 GMT+0200 (Central European summertime) to GMTWed Jul 27 2022 09:00:00 GMT+0000 Wed Jul 27, 2022, 11:00:00 GMT+0200 (Central European... [more]

Now Netflix's account sharing is discovering: "The TV is blocked"-this is done by travel

Category: General|Jul 19, 2022 | Author: Admin

If you do not pay for an extra household if Netflix detects password sharing, the account is blocked after two weeks. [more]

Intel CPUs are up to 20 percent more expensive

Category: General|Jul 17, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel announced in late April price increases. [more]

The EU has today changed the network by adopting two giga laws

Category: General|Jul 5, 2022 | Author: Admin

The Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act that we have written about before are now both approved as law by the EU. [more]

This is how Intel's first video card performs

Category: IT|Jun 17, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel has (in part) launched its first video card for desktops in the form of the Arc A380, which can only be traded in China. [more]

EU’s new rules for Big Tech will come into force in Spring 2023, says Vestager

Category: General|May 10, 2022 | Author: Admin

The European Union’s flagship reform for tackling Big Tech platform power, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), will come into force in early 2023, Commission EVP Margrethe Vestager has said — rowing back from an earlier suggested timeframe of this fall. [more]

Russia has taken control of parts of Ukraine's Internet

Category: General|May 5, 2022 | Author: Admin

Russia is now redirecting Internet traffic in the occupied Kherson region of Ukraine via its own infrastructure. [more]

Edge is the second-most used, but loses to Apple on this

Category: IT|Apr 2, 2022 | Author: Admin

Statcounter can reveal that Microsoft Edge is larger than Apple Safari, and therefore the second-most used in the world. When omitting mobiles. [more]

Intel has launched the world's fastest gaming CPU

Category: IT|Mar 29, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel has finally unveiled the i9-12900KS, an overclocking CPU the company has crowned as the fastest CPU for desktops. [more]

Former Nintendo boss skin braids Meta: - They do nothing innovative

Category: General|Mar 16, 2022 | Author: Admin

Meta is investing its entire future in a VR / AR reality, something former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aimé has no faith in. [more]

Hacked Nvidia, but then the company did something unexpected

Category: General|Mar 1, 2022 | Author: Admin

A few days ago, a South American hacker group called LAPSU$ carried out a hacker attack on Nvidia itself, where they claimed that they had secured over 1TB with sensitive data from the American technology giant that was emerging. [more]

Elon Musk's Starlink is activated in Ukraine

Category: General|Feb 28, 2022 | Author: Admin

Elon Musk reveals on Twitter that SpaceX's Starlink part, the company he owns and as an Internet via satellite, is operational in Ukraine with "several terminals along the way". [more]

Intel buys company for NOK 48 billion

Category: IT|Feb 15, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel has bought Tower Semiconductor for almost NOK 50 billion. [more]

Netflix customers have been asking for this for a long time, now they are fulfilling

Category: General|Feb 3, 2022 | Author: Admin

Are you dying for the contents of your "keep watching" queue? Now you can finally clean up. [more]

Here, developers are allowed by Apple to offer alternative payment methods

Category: Apple|Jan 16, 2022 | Author: Admin

Only for dating apps [more]

Intel Core i9 is faster than M1 Max

Category: General|Jan 6, 2022 | Author: Admin

Intel has finally launched its 12th generation processors aimed at both desktops and laptops. Alder Lake is the name of the generation and is divided into the segments H-series, P-series, and U-series where the former is intended for higher performance while the latter will be found in... [more]

These games do not start with Intel 12. CPU - here is the solution

Category: General|Nov 7, 2021 | Author: Admin

The anti-piracy barrier Denuvo and other DRM solutions rotate it in Windows 11 and 10 with a number of games that do not start if you have Intel 12. [more]

Roblox downtime has passed 24 hours!

Category: Roblox|Oct 30, 2021 | Author: Admin

Roblox has officially been down for over 24 hours. [more]

Microsoft has broken network printing AGAIN

Category: Microsoft|Oct 17, 2021 | Author: Admin

Maybe you updated Windows 11 with the first update, KB5006674, on Tuesday? [more]

New Windows security updates break network printing

Category: Microsoft|Sep 19, 2021 | Author: Admin

Windows administrators report wide-scale network printing problems after installing this week's September 2021 Patch Tuesday security updates. [more]

Apple suddenly had to crisis-update the iPhone and Mac

Category: Apple|Sep 14, 2021 | Author: Admin

Apple had to, just before the iPhone revelations tomorrow, urgently update iOS to 14.8, watchOS 7.6.2, iPadOS 14.8, and macOS Big Sur 11.6. [more]

US court rejects patent applications from AIs

Category: General|Sep 6, 2021 | Author: Admin

Setback for Artificial Inventor Project: A US judge has ruled that the AI ​​Dabus can not be called an inventor. [more]

Intel Arc will compete against GeForce and Radeon early next year - this is the chip capable of

Category: General|Aug 19, 2021 | Author: Admin

DG2 gets rid of the working name and is now called "Alchemist" now that the first Arc GPUs will be launched early next year as Intel's first proper GPU for gamers. [more]

Apple admits Mac has a scanner problem - How to solve it

Category: Apple|Aug 16, 2021 | Author: Admin

In an aid document, Apple describes a problem you may have experienced: The scanner does not work anymore. [more]

New record: Old copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for almost 18 million kroner

Category: General|Aug 9, 2021 | Author: Admin

Vintage games continue to bring in an insane amount of money. A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. has just brought in as much as two million dollars or almost 18 million kroner. It broke the previous record from July this year held by a Super Mario 64 copy that was sold for 1.56 million... [more]

Intel has accidentally unveiled the next generation USB C

Category: IT|Aug 4, 2021 | Author: Admin

That a director visits various research departments around the world is nothing new. [more]

Intel regained all lost market share from AMD in one fell swoop

Category: IT|Jul 12, 2021 | Author: Admin

Nearly three out of four CPUs on Steam Hardware Survey come from Intel. AMD has eaten market share from Intel since the beginning of the year, but last month Intel has taken everything and a little back. [more]

EC to grill Meta on Facebook ‘subscription for no ads’ plan

Category: IT|Mar 3, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple warns of increased iPhone security risks

Category: Apple|Mar 2, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple turns!

Category: Apple|Mar 1, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple may change important name

Category: Apple|Feb 29, 2024 | Author: Admin

You often talk to an AI

Category: IT|Feb 28, 2024 | Author: Admin

Microsoft confirms big Windows 11 reveal for gamers

Category: Microsoft|Feb 27, 2024 | Author: Admin

Security company sold users' browser activity

Category: Microsoft|Feb 26, 2024 | Author: Admin

Are you also tired of reboots?

Category: Microsoft|Feb 25, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple officially unbans Epic Games iOS developer account

Category: Apple|Feb 24, 2024 | Author: Admin

Google Pauses Gemini AI Image Generator After It Created Inaccurate Historical Pictures

Category: Google|Feb 23, 2024 | Author: Admin

We never thought it would happen

Category: IT|Feb 22, 2024 | Author: Admin

It's finally over and the victims can rejoice

Category: IT|Feb 21, 2024 | Author: Admin

Accusing Intel of cheating

Category: IT|Feb 20, 2024 | Author: Admin

It was probably China that forced Apple

Category: Apple|Feb 19, 2024 | Author: Admin

It looks like Spotify is getting its revenge on Apple

Category: General|Feb 18, 2024 | Author: Admin