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ChatGPT without logging in

Category: IT|Apr 2, 2024 | Author: Admin

This is a smart feature of OpenAI: you can use the service without logging in. [more]

ChatGPT-generated text may have met its match with a new tool that offers 99% accuracy in detection

Category: IT|Nov 8, 2023 | Author: Admin

A breakthrough ChatGPT AI Detector tool may be able to tell human text and AI-generated content apart. [more]

OpenAI Finally Allows ChatGPT Complete Internet Access

Category: IT|Oct 21, 2023 | Author: Admin

Those paying for OpenAI’s chatbot are now able to use Bing to give ChatGPT the latest information. Plus, DALL-E 3 integration is rolling out in beta. [more]

OpenAI to use GPT-4 LLM for content moderation, warns against bia

Category: General|Aug 16, 2023 | Author: Admin

The company expects to eliminate undesired biases introduced during training with the involvement of humans in the loop. [more]

Finally on Android

Category: General|Jul 26, 2023 | Author: Admin

OpenAI has finally ready its ChatGPT app for Android [more]

OpenAI GPT-4 is now available to the public

Category: IT|Jul 9, 2023 | Author: Admin

OpenAI announced that all paying API customers will now have access to GPT-4. [more]

OpenAI launches new alignment division to tackle risks of superintelligent AI

Category: IT|Jul 8, 2023 | Author: Admin

The makers of ChatGPT have announced the company will be dedicating 20% of its compute processing power over the next four years to stop superintelligent AI from “going rogue." [more]

That's why Vivaldi disguises itself as Edge and Chrome

Category: IT|Jun 11, 2023 | Author: Admin

You no longer need Edge to take advantage of Bing Chat, powered by ChatGPT. [more]

Discord plans to make everyone change their username

Category: IT|May 15, 2023 | Author: Admin

Lures users into downloading malicious apps and browser extensions. [more]

ChaosGPT: “Humanity must be destroyed”

Category: IT|Apr 11, 2023 | Author: Admin

“Features: Internet browsing; File read/write operations; Communication with other GPT agents; run code. Goal: destroy humanity.” [more]

That's why VPN downloads skyrocket by 400 percent

Category: IT|Apr 10, 2023 | Author: Admin

OpenAI, the developer of the popular generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, has started to geoblock access to its service in Italy and now it is possible that Germany will also ban ChatGPT. [more]

With the help of OpenAI, Discord is finally adding conversation summaries

Category: General|Mar 9, 2023 | Author: Admin

Naturally, it's also offering a chatbot. [more]

Update Windows 11 to get "ChatGPT"

Category: Microsoft|Mar 1, 2023 | Author: Admin

It's not just iPhone iMessage coming to Phone Link and Windows. Microsoft has revealed the next big WIndows 11 update, Moment 2. [more]

"You have lost my trust and respect"

Category: General|Feb 20, 2023 | Author: Admin

Microsoft restricts users of ChatGPT because it can confuse the language model. [more]

TRY THIS: We got new Microsoft Bing with AI

Category: Microsoft|Feb 8, 2023 | Author: Admin

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding access to Microsoft's AI-powered Bing search engine, the "new Bing", as the company refers to it as. [more]

Test the new AI trick with Logitech

Category: IT|Apr 17, 2024 | Author: Admin

The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem

Category: Microsoft|Apr 16, 2024 | Author: Admin

Now comes the commercial

Category: Microsoft|Apr 15, 2024 | Author: Admin

Linux Foundation is leading fight against fauxpen source

Category: IT|Apr 14, 2024 | Author: Admin

3000 news articles!!! Happy reading!

Category: General|Apr 13, 2024 | Author: Admin

Google shuts down new product

Category: IT|Apr 12, 2024 | Author: Admin

YouTube CEO warns OpenAI that training models on its videos is against the rules

Category: IT|Apr 11, 2024 | Author: Admin

Google unveils Arm-based data center processor, new AI chip

Category: Google|Apr 10, 2024 | Author: Admin

Microsoft to invest $2.9 bln to expand AI, cloud infra in Japan

Category: Microsoft|Apr 9, 2024 | Author: Admin

Nintendo shuts off online access for 3DS and Wii U today

Category: IT|Apr 8, 2024 | Author: Admin

Musk challenges Brazil's order to block certain X accounts

Category: IT|Apr 7, 2024 | Author: Admin

Here’s how much Microsoft will charge for Win10 security updates once support ends

Category: Microsoft|Apr 6, 2024 | Author: Admin

Samsung has beaten Apple again

Category: IT|Apr 5, 2024 | Author: Admin

Patent reveals Apple's ingenious goal

Category: Apple|Apr 4, 2024 | Author: Admin

The update causes problems

Category: IT|Apr 3, 2024 | Author: Admin