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Apple is not done with Intel: planning Mac Pro upgrade

Apple|Jun 9, 2021

We thought, like everyone else, that it was an M2 or M1X that would give new power to the new Mac Pro, but now it indicates that there will at least be a new model with Intel, perhaps together with a brand new version with Apple guts. [more]


These are the ones who will take the Apple M1 - Intel's new generation revealed

Apple|Mar 7, 2021

The entire Rocket Lake series has not even been fully launched, there are also some and beautiful 12th generation coming to laptops, Adler Lake in the M and U series. [more]


These are the first Intel GPUs, but they are not meant for gamers

General|Jan 28, 2021

It's been a while since we wrote about DG1, the code name for the GPU that now comes from Intel in collaboration with Asus. [more]


Intel goes down the throat on Face ID

General|Jan 10, 2021

Intel launches a new face recognition unlocking system. RealSense ID will take up the fight with Apple's Face ID, which has long been the safest face recognition for mobile. [more]


There’s something in the iPad Air for enterprise IT

Apple|Sep 17, 2020

Will the new A14 Bionic chip appear in future Macs? And how much more performance can Apple tweak from the 5nm design? [more]

In mid-May, these come: 9th generation i9 processors with eight cores and 16 threads

IT|Apr 20, 2019

Watches in at 2.1GHz and 35W. [more]

Nvidia's new AI technology gives you a talent you didn't think you had

General|Mar 22, 2019

World-class artwork in just a few seconds. [more]

Intel and Nvidia in bidding war on popular chip maker

General|Mar 12, 2019

- Nvidia ready to scroll up tens of billions. [more]

Banned iPhone models back in German stores

Apple|Feb 21, 2019

Has changed one thing. [more]

This company is not far away to know everything about you

General|Nov 26, 2018

The world's most valuable AI start-up. The Chinese launch company SenseTime has sales contracts with major institutions around the world in addition to Chinese authorities in their not-so-secret approach to a panoptic society where the government is responsible for full surveillance... [more]

iPhone with 5G comes in 2020, but Intel must solve this first

Apple|Nov 9, 2018

Apple has a plan B. Next year, the first 5G phones will be on the market. There is probably Android that will first take advantage of the technology, but by 2020, Apple will introduce its first iPhone with 5G. [more]

AI can detect cancer six months earlier

General|Oct 14, 2018

Nvidia cooperates with several healthcare companies in London. Kings College London is a leading medical research center and is the first of Nvidia's clinical partners to utilize Nvidia's DGX-2 and the company's Clara platform. [more]


Download Windows 11 here

Microsoft|Jun 18, 2021

Sony promises big Playstation 5 update - has launched beta program

General|Jun 18, 2021

OnePlus becomes part of Oppo

General|Jun 17, 2021

Apple has launched Beats Studio Buds: cheaper than AirPods Pro and with Atmos and "Spatial Audio"

Apple|Jun 16, 2021

The inventor of the graphite anode: What Tesla can do in 70 minutes, we do in ten minutes

General|Jun 15, 2021

Microsoft will not support Windows 10 after 2025

Microsoft|Jun 14, 2021

New AI: Artificial intelligence on a par with the brain

IT|Jun 13, 2021

Mozilla skeptical: Google wants to end third-party cookies

Google|Jun 12, 2021

Launches iOS 4 as an app

Apple|Jun 11, 2021

New updates for Windows 10 are being rolled out

Microsoft|Jun 10, 2021

Apple is not done with Intel: planning Mac Pro upgrade

Apple|Jun 9, 2021

Jeff Bezos joins space himself

General|Jun 8, 2021

Here are the first screenshots from Battlefield - Norwegian revealed encrypted message

General|Jun 7, 2021

They work together! Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla will standardize browser extensions

IT|Jun 6, 2021

Chrome will soon help you avoid dangerous browser extensions

Google|Jun 5, 2021