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What's in the latest Edge update? Vertical tabs for all, and faster start-ups

Microsoft|Mar 14, 2021

Version 89 of Microsoft's Edge browser kills off 33 security vulnerabilities and is supposed to boost startup times by up to 41%. [more]


DOWNLOAD: major Windows 10 update

Microsoft|Feb 25, 2021

Microsoft has greatly updated the latest stable version of Windows 10, 20H2 (May 2020), or 2004 if you will. [more]


LEAKED: this is the new Windows 10

Microsoft|Jan 16, 2021

In October 2019, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10X, a new operating system that is easier to operate. [more]


Windows by the numbers: Real gains or just an illusion?

Microsoft|Oct 8, 2020

A sudden spike of Windows' overall share led to increased user numbers for both Windows 10 and Windows 7. [more]


Is it EOL for IE11? (Not yet.)

General|Aug 31, 2020

Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which has been around since 1994 and once owned 90% of the browser market, appears to be on its way out for good. [more]


Windows 7 users cannot be turned off by the PC

Microsoft|Feb 11, 2020

Microsoft may be forced to roll out a new update. [more]


New Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store is now open for submissions

General|Dec 20, 2019

Microsoft is all set to make the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge available to the general public starting January 15th, 2020. This new web browser will not support the legacy Microsoft Edge extensions. This is because they were written in EdgeHTML. And the newer web browser supports... [more]


Get to taste their own medicine after that

Apple|Oct 15, 2019

"Remember when we all laughed at Windows UAC"? [more]

Reveals the name of a new Windows version

Microsoft|Oct 7, 2019

It wasn't "Little" anyway. [more]


Yet another Windows 10 update resolves one issue, but creates another

Microsoft|Oct 2, 2019

Fixes errors with the sound but brings with it a printer problem. [more]

Confusion about Microsoft's "Modern OS"

Microsoft|Jun 1, 2019

Here is the company's vision for the future. [more]

Now you have alternative ways to log in to your Microsoft account

Microsoft|Nov 28, 2018

Windows Hello and PIN. Microsoft has previously been aggressive in introducing new ways to verify identity, such as when they introduced the opportunity to log in to different websites with fingerprints and face recognition in the summer. In version 1809 of Windows 10, the... [more]

Apple and Microsoft are working on blast to correct iCloud errors

Apple|Nov 24, 2018

Collaborates on compatibility issues. The update scandal seems to make no end to Microsoft: an error that has so far been said to have been under the radar makes Windows's iCloud users after the latest update experience incompatibilities. Now Apple and Microsoft are working together to... [more]

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 errors

Microsoft|Nov 14, 2018

Pro licenses are incorrectly disabled. If you've had trouble on your Windows machine lately, you're not alone. [more]

Microsoft's Sticky Notes app comes to iOS and Android

Microsoft|Oct 11, 2018

Sync notes across your devices. Microsoft has started rolling out version 3 of Sticky Notes to Windows 10. This is the biggest news that you can sync notes across Windows 10 devices. [more]


Google: Drastic redesign of Pixel 6

Google|May 16, 2021

Fancy AirPods 3? They may arrive May 18 along with Apple Music HiFi

Apple|May 15, 2021

Claims Samsung's own laptop CPU is on its way

General|May 14, 2021

This is the new standard from the giga companies: "Matter"

IT|May 13, 2021

Facebook will make sure you do not share articles until you have read them

General|May 12, 2021

Worst cyberattack in US history. The virus does not affect Russian computers

IT|May 11, 2021

Google took revenge when Roku threw YouTube out

Google|May 10, 2021

There is no VIP list of developers in the App Store, says Apple

Apple|May 9, 2021

Firmware vulnerability affects "millions" of PCs

IT|May 8, 2021

They have not changed these Windows icons since 1995, but NOW it's happening - change font to new version

Microsoft|May 7, 2021

Can stolen AirTags be reset?

Apple|May 6, 2021

Flash is not gone yet, but it will happen in July

General|May 5, 2021

The fight against Steam gets the steam up

IT|May 4, 2021

EU gives Spotify right: App Store breaks competition rules

IT|May 3, 2021

Bluetooth is now easier and AirPods better in Windows 10

IT|May 2, 2021