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ChatGPT is probably coming to the iPhone

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Apple has more or less come to an agreement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT on the iPhone. That is revealed by Bloomberg.

The agreement should almost be sealed

The two companies are in the process of nailing down the final details of an agreement that will bring ChatGPT functions to iOS 18, while it has already been revealed that Apple is making its own AI servers with special chips.


These servers will also serve AI functions in the autumn in the new operating systems, in addition to the fact that much of the processing will take place locally on the devices. At the same time, Apple is in talks with OpenAI and Microsoft competitor Google about the possibility of the chat robot Gemini becoming part of iOS 18. These talks have not progressed as far.


Bloomberg reported in April that discussions with OpenAI had intensified. However, there is no guarantee that a deal will be announced immediately.


Apple's chief executive Tim Cook has repeatedly spoken about how important AI is, and that the company has a unique opportunity to bring something new to customers thanks to complete ecosystem control.


Cook has even announced that he is using ChatGPT but stated last year that a number of issues will need to be resolved first. This too can be seen as a hint.

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