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Require labeling

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Meta has announced that all AI-created content on their three major platforms will be tagged, and they are collaborating with other companies on a new industry standard.

A new standard for AI labeling

This will apply to Facebook, Instagram, and Threads: “It is important that we help people know when photorealistic content they see has been created with the help of AI. We do this by applying 'Imagined with AI' labels to photorealistic images created with our Meta AI feature, but we want to be able to do this with content created with other companies' tools as well,” explains Nick Clegg. Clegg is “President of global Affairs.”


But how will they manage to tag content created with competing AI technology? Yes, Meta and several other companies have created a new industry standard for detecting signals that point in the direction that the image is AI-generated:


“Being able to detect these signals will enable us to tag AI-generated images that users post on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.


We're building this feature now, and in the coming months, we'll start using labels in all languages ​​supported by each app. We'll take this approach throughout the next year, as a number of important elections take place around the world.


During this time, we expect to learn a lot more about how people create and share AI content, what kinds of openness people find most valuable, and how these technologies are evolving. What we learn will inform best practices in the industry and our own approach going forward.”


It will also be up to creators and those sharing AI content to acknowledge that the image, video, or audio file was created with an AI. If users do not comply with the rules, warnings are sent out and the content can be deleted.


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