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Authorities spy on iPhone and Android users

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A US senator has revealed that authorities are using the iPhone and Android push notification system to spy on users.

A leak revealed a new spy program

Unnamed documents are the source of Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat from Oregon, which reveals that several countries, which are also not named (they are supposed to be democratic countries with ties to the United States), are abusing the notification systems of Apple and Google in order to track and monitor users. Such notifications are sent from Google and Apple's servers to the users' mobile phones.


Apple says Wyden's disclosures give it the opportunity to share more information with the public about how "authorities" monitor such alerts, Reuters reports. In a statement, Apple reports that "in this case, the federal government prohibited us from sharing information." This is what Apple means: that now that Wyden has revealed the surveillance program, Apple can speak out, and with that they confirm the authenticity of the revelations.


The US Department of Justice has not answered questions from Reuters and Google has not responded to the news agency's inquiries. We await more information from Apple and will update you when we know more.

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