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There are not a few who have been annoyed by the shortage

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iOS 17.2 which launches next month, after iOS 17.1.2 which is expected to fix at least two pesky bugs this week, fixes a bug but also removes something in the latest beta for iPhone.

What a strange iPhone shortage

Beta edition number four in a row has been launched for the former, and there is one thing in particular that has bothered many since the launch of iOS 17 in September, an update that was not so very exciting. But one thing Apple did was to update the notification sounds, making it “Rebound” by default instead of the three-step sound.


There are several problems for those on iOS 17. x.x: you simply cannot change the default notification, the notification sound is anyway too low and you cannot change the vibration. Therefore, the change is nice for those iPhone users without an Apple Watch who prefer to have the sound on. Someone has decided that it is good to be able to change the standard notification tone and you can change the vibration pattern.


Something that will annoy music fans is that Apple has chosen to remove collaborative playlists in this beta. Does that mean the company is dropping the feature in iOS 17.2, or maybe they found a bigger bug? Who knows, as mentioned, we will get the answer in December.

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