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UPDATED: Removed, and the reason is shocking

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In a brilliant marketing push, Nothing has chosen to implement Apple iMessage in its latest mobile which we rewarded with 8.3 out of 10, not least thanks to incredible battery life.

Nothing assured its users that Sunbird's iMessage implementation on the Nothing phone 2, launched yesterday, would be safe for users and that nothing would be stored with either party. But after the service was examined by the first testers, a number of problems were found, storage or otherwise.


Nothing reports on X that they will "correct a number of errors" with Sunbird, but does not mention that there are major security problems that everyone understands are a problem.


9To5Google reveals that the Nothing Chats app (which has now been removed from the Play Store) lacks point-to-point encryption and that attachments could be read by other users because the content is sent in an open-text format. It is a very bad thing that HTTP is used instead of HTTPS. points out that the service is "extremely insecure," and that "all outgoing messages are leaked to a central server in plain text format."


It's not that important about iMessage on Android now anyway, as Apple announced the day after Nothing's announcement that they will support RCS on iPhone starting next year.


Launching in beta - this is how it works
The function is made possible due to a collaboration with Sunbird, a messaging platform that securely takes care of the Apple messages and forwards them to the owners of Nothing's latest mobile - this apparently happens without anything being stored with them or Nothing.


The improvement will be rolled out in the US, the EU, and other European countries as early as next Friday 7 November in the form of a new Nothing Chats app. We hope Norway is on board with this, and we will test it as soon as we can.


“If you are a phone (2) owner in one of the selected countries where Nothing Chats is available, you can download the messaging app from the Google Play Store. Sign in with your existing Apple ID username or create a new account to start sending and receiving blue bubbles.”


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