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This may be the requirement for Windows 12

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More and more information is leaking about Microsoft's upcoming operating system after it became known that the company's traditional update cycle of three years is back.

The leaks continue
This means that Windows 12 will probably be launched in the second half of 2024 and that beta testing will start in not too many months. Microsoft has set up a new canary test channel where very fresh code is dumped on the most eager.


This will probably be the place the very first Windows 12 test version arrives. Before that, smaller pieces of code from the new OS will be fed to the Windows 11 testers in this channel.


Upcoming Intel products may reveal more
Concepts have been revealed from Microsoft that may give us a clue about the interface, if not, then at least hints at what they want to improve.


It has even leaked information from Intel that has mentioned its OS related to an upcoming CPU.


May have higher RAM requirements
Product leaks often accelerate in frequency, and so is the case with the new generation of Windows.


For now, Deskmodder believes that version 12 may require a minimum of 8GB of RAM as well as TPM 2.0. The latter is the same requirement as in Windows 11, while 8GB of RAM is 2GB more than Windows 11 requires.


Whether the OS will require more disk space than 64GB as the current minimum requirement is not known.


It is also not known if Microsoft changes the list of supported CPUs. We don't think they will restrict it further, as today's requirements are quite tough - this is even though Microsoft itself does not always follow its own minimum requirements.


Windows 12 with a new file system by default?
What is known is that Microsoft is still working on ReFS. The file system is expected to take over for NTSF, which is 30 years old and still the standard for Windows on consumer computers.


In addition, to support mass storage space of 35  petabytes against 256 terabytes, performance and guard against data loss are increased.


To further improve security, remove Microsoft's MSDT (Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool) and VBScript. The latter in particular has been a target for hackers.

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