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The iPhone 3GS has made a comeback as a camera

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TikTok celebrities snap up Apple's iPhone 3GS from 2009.

Generation Z (90s to early 2010s) loves the 3GS
The 3GS is Apple's third-generation iPhone, and then as of now the focus was on an improved camera.


The paltry 3.5" screen is followed by a 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 and 3MP camera with 30 FPS video recording. We're talking here miles away from three-camera systems with x number of zooms and 48MP resolution.


The iPhone is retro
Nevertheless, there are now millions of people who have received the product, a mobile that is 13 years old and perhaps older than many of them.


TikTok's Daniel Sin uploaded a video of his iPhone 14 Pro Max with 3GS, a clip that has eight million views.



It is difficult to take seriously that the 13-year-old camera technology is better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max that was launched a few months ago – it is more correct that the mobile gives a retro feeling and for many, the 3GS is a retro product.


The tag "iphone3gs" on TikTok has 46 million views and several of the clips compare the retro mobile with competitors.


As PetaPixel points out, camera retro is in with the Fujifilm FinePix X100V, which is sold out in all Norwegian online stores. The camera is similar to an older one, but is state-of-the-art and costs just under NOK 17,000.


Have you been taking care of a mobile for a long time in the hope that it will become retro-vintage?



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