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Smart tricks on the way

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OnePlus has revealed its plans for the near future in terms of software features.

Improved security, photo albums, and an even faster experience
"Details were also shared about updates for OxygenOS 13.1, which will be launched in the first half of 2023, and OxygenOS 14, which is under development," the press release states.


This is something coming in the first update:

“Improved security will be a key focus area implemented through an improved version of OnePlus' Private Safe feature introduced in OxygenOS 13, along with other privacy features. Another focus area is improved digital health and well-being, reflected through an increased focus on accessibility functions for users with disabilities," the company says.


With our users facing the problems of an always-on society, we will continue to propose solutions to improve their quality of life. Also, the multimedia experience of applications such as photo albums will be further enhanced and the software will be further optimized to offer an even smoother experience to users.


This is on its way

- With more users wanting to keep their device longer, we want to ensure we can offer that option. The new update policy will give users access to the latest security and user features, which is required for OnePlus to maintain a fast and smooth experience throughout the life of the phone, says Gary Chen, head of software products at OnePlus.

Here are some of the software updates coming in 13.1:

  • AI System BoosterHomeland is Always on Display

  • Spotify Always on Display

  • Private Safe 2.0

  • Spatial Audio developed with Google

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