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IDC: Now comes sales boom on desktops

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Because many return to more or less normal working days in the office, companies are increasingly updating office PCs and workstations, giving the PC market growth a further boost.

… Because people return to their offices
For the past year and a half, the coronavirus has ensured that people have been sitting at home and not in the office and working. The employees have been equipped with laptops and this has ensured an increase in sales worldwide for these.


With the advancement of vaccination, people are returning to their offices. This, together with steadily rising digitalization and the fact that office machines have meanwhile become one and a half years older, will, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), lead to increased PC sales. Public authorities in particular will upgrade the infrastructure, according to IDC.


24.8 percent up
IDC expects the European PC market to grow by 24.8 percent on an annual basis from last year in the current third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the market is expected to grow even slightly. Estimates for PC sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are just under 94 million in 2021.


The proportion of laptops remains high
With around 20.5 million units sold, desktops, including complete display packages, will have a market share of 28 percent. According to IDC, the rest are "traditional" laptops (24.4 million), especially thin and light models (41.5 million) and convertibles (7.3 million). Before the corona showed up, the proportion was stationary around a third.


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