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New record: Old copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for almost 18 million kroner

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Vintage games continue to bring in an insane amount of money. A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. has just brought in as much as two million dollars or almost 18 million kroner. It broke the previous record from July this year held by a Super Mario 64 copy that was sold for 1.56 million dollars.

Perfect condition, intact seal
The classic 1985 title was created for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is in perfect condition with the seal intact. It is rated at 9.8 A + by the video game rating agency Wata. The New York Times emphasizes that while the previous record price was reached at auction, the latest transaction has something unique about it.


The game was owned by a company called Rally that buys collectibles. The company buys up valuable collectibles on behalf of ordinary people who each receive a share of the item. When an external bidder makes an offer for the item, investors agree among themselves whether to accept or reject it.


Gave 1.25 million kroner
In this case, Rally had purchased the Super Mario Bros. cassette in April 2020 for $ 140,000 ($ 1.25 million). That same year, the company received an offer of $ 300,000. However, investors rejected the offer and kept the game copy for over a year. Finally, an anonymous buyer offered to pay two million dollars. This time, close to 75 percent of investors gave the green light for trading.


Rally deals with a variety of items such as vintage cars, comics, books, games, historical documents, and books. Among the assets the company holds are a copy of the American Declaration of Independence, a Porsche 356 Speedster from 1955, a Star Wars # 1 comic book from 1977, and an Apple I Computer from 1976 signed by Woz.


Have you checked what's in your old boys' room?

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