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Therefore, the app store in Windows 11 is already much better

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Finally, apps there that people need.

.The shoemaker's children
Microsoft has not exactly been known for having a very good app store, but this now seems to improve under Windows 11. It is not only improvements in appearance and how responsive the app is, but also the content has been overhauled. This means that the app store is already more useful than it has been before.



OBS Studio, Zoom, Canva, Winzip, and Adobe Acrobat Reader are all now in place in Microsoft's app store in addition to extensions for Edge. The fact that these are now in place so early in the race bodes well for Microsoft's goal of making the store better for both developers and users.


Windows Package Manager
Microsoft's "Windows Package Manager" was announced in 2020 and is the company's initiative to build a package manager that is native to Windows. This quickly became more popular than the Windows Store, and contains apps such as Zoom, Winrar, and others that were missing in the "main store".


Package Manager has grown steadily over the past year and now includes Discord, Chrome, Firefox, and many more popular apps.


Package Manager is basically a command-line tool but also has a web interface you can use to manage it. The transition is now that the Microsoft store will largely be made over Package Manager and the Winget command used to install apps, or packages, from Package Manager.


It is said that we will then see more and more apps on their way in the coming weeks and months, among other things, Mozilla has announced that they will be in place there soon.


Another thing is that the Windows manager, Panos Panay, has stated that they are also open to including Steam or Epic's stores in Microsoft's. If Microsoft reaches its goal and manages to include most of the applications we use in everyday life, it will greatly facilitate the use and administration of Windows-based PCs.


Still, a lot left
Part of the challenge for the Microsoft Store is still that there are too many fake apps, guides, and general "crapware" that still appear in the searches. This is another job that will take Microsoft a while to get through, and since the Microsoft Store has been so small on the radar of developers, many of these apps are now relatively highly ranked.



A big advantage for developers, and users, is that through such a model, the apps will to a greater extent be able to be kept up to date. And since Microsoft has decided that all the revenue developers get through their applications is theirs to keep, it will probably also be a strong argument for more people to take advantage of the opportunity to reach more users, and increase security and user-friendliness by being present in the company store.

Sources: The Verge

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