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That's why Apple limits "AI" to the iPhone 15 Pro - EU NOT happy with the App Store

News about iOS 18's new features is constantly trickling in.

Freedom of choice
The latest is that Apple is opening up to third parties so that anyone can create apps that capture 3D video for Vision Pro. Only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can record depth video.


"Neural Engine" and the combination of RAM are probably the cause

In other iOS 18-related news, the company explained in an interview that it is not to sell new devices that the iPhone 15 Pro and M1 machines are cut off for “Apple Intelligence.” Apple defends itself by saying that then they could have reserved the AI ​​platform for only the latest iPad Pro and Mac computers. Then it is probably a matter of RAM that older iPhones do not have, but a number of older MacBooks with M1 can run the models.


Apple also stated that in theory, they could have implemented "Apple Intelligence" in older hardware, but that it "had been running so slowly that it would not have been useful."



EU warns Apple
It has not been many days since the Financial Times reported that the EU has concluded that Apple is in breach of DMA legislation in relation to the App Store and fees that must be paid to Apple even if it is used for third-party payment solutions:


"The problem must be that Apple does not, to a large enough extent, allow app developers to direct users to alternative app stores. As you know, Apple allows this but charges a fee anyway. That's not OK, according to three people with knowledge of the EU's plans to be revealed in the "coming weeks," we reported five days ago.


Now EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager states that Apple faces a number of "very serious" problems in relation to the DMA legislation and that they will make a statement soon related to, among other things, the fees. We are following developments in the case.

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