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Get ready to retire 30-year-old Windows technology

ReFS is not a new file system, but it is still only Windows Server that can use it.

NTFS has been in use for 30 years
NTFS is therefore the standard on client machines, while a "Resilient File System" is reserved for servers that often have to serve many files and data.


Why Microsoft has not yet changed from NTSF to ReFS is just speculation, but the fact is that the technology has been ready since 2012 for servers.


Supports a much larger volume
In addition, to supporting for mass storage space of 35 petabytes against 256 terabytes, performance and guard against data loss are increased.


The exciting thing now is that the Twitter account "Xeno" has snooped in files and discovered that you can activate flag "42189933."


If this is activated, Windows can be installed on the "ReFS" partition "without any other kind of trick" and only the mentioned "velocity ID". The only requirement is that it is Windows 11 Pro.


You may have to start with blank sheets
There is currently no conversion process to be found, so there is a chance that you will have to reinstall everything to get "ReFS" sometime in the future when Microsoft is ready for a wide rollout.


Windows 12 would have been a natural choice with "ReFS" activated by default.


This has nothing to do with "ReFS", but Forspoken launches for PC and Playstation 5 tomorrow with support for the super fast loading technology "DirectStorage." The requirement is an SSD capable of at least 5500MB/s and Windows 11.

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