Jan 16, 2023 intel overclocking boost price

This is a 6GHz beast and the price is surprising

Intel's Core i9 13900K "Raptor Lake" is already available for NOK 7,100.

No overclocking required to get the extra 200MHz

But 2.2GHz with a 5.8GHz boost is a bit tame and you are so close to 6GHz.


That's why Intel has come to our rescue with the Core i9 13900KS, which can boost up to exactly 6GHz.


Lower price?!
The most shocking thing is that Intel is launching this at a lower price than the K model:


699 dollars is the price, i.e. 6,900 kroner against 7,400 kroner that the K model started at.



Otherwise, it is the same
The CPU has the same 24 cores and 32 threads where eight are performance cores and 16 are energy efficient.


Both have 36MB of L3 cache and the same clock speeds for the energy-saving cores: 2.2GHz standard and 4.3GHz boost.


The chip is official but we do not yet know when it will be launched.



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This is a 6GHz beast and the price is surprising

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