May 16, 2023 cyberpanel tutorial rsamd

How to change password on CyberPanel rspamd

With this tutorial, you can change the password for your CyberPanel rspamd

First, you set up your gui by following this guide:




Then you follow the steps below:


  1. Connect to your server via SSH as a root user.

  2. Generate a new password for the Rspamd web interface using the following command:

    rspamadm pw --encrypt -p <password>

  3. Replace <password> with the desired password for the Rspamd web interface.
    You will receive an encrypted password that you can use in the next step.

  4. Edit the Rspamd web interface configuration file with the following command:

    nano /etc/rspamd/local.d/worker-controller.inc

  5. Find the following lines in the file, if there are no such lines, skip to 5:

    # Password for controller web interface
    #password = "randomly_generated_password"

  6. If this file is empty, add the comments below, if the file is not empty, comment out the password line by adding a # symbol at the beginning of the line, like this:
    # Password for controller web interface
    #password = "randomly_generated_password"

  7. Add a new line below the commented-out password line with the following text:
    makefile password = "<encrypted_password>"Replace <encrypted_password> with the encrypted password you generated in Step 2.

  8. Save and close the file.

  9. Restart the Rspamd service with the following command:
    systemctl restart rspamd

You should now be able to log in to the Rspamd web interface with the new password you created.

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