Jan 17, 2022 chromium edge google chrome setting removed

Chromium Trouble - Can't change default search engine anymore

Deliberately removed

Usually, a browser comes with one or more standard search engines, this also applies to Chromium - the foundation for browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


These search engines have so far been able to ravage to a certain extent: edit or delete them if for some reason they do not appeal. It is now reported that this option is gone in Chromium 97.


On a Reddit thread, it is suggested that the developers have deliberately removed the option to delete a search engine that is set to default, as this can complicate things for the user.


The complaints flow in
Complaints about the change are already flowing in. On the Google support page, there are several who report that the deletion of the delete button has led to problems, for example, that the search engine is constantly changing to be Yahoo.


A developer has realized that the new change can be problematic, and says that the delete button can return in Chrome 98 or 99, which will be launched in early February and early March, respectively.

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