Sep 3, 2022 eu law

This is what the EU wants you to be entitled to

The EU wants even more laws for consumer laws for technology products.

The EU continues with uniform and digital laws
From the outset, USB C requirements will be introduced (by autumn 2024), and a number of communication requirements for messaging services from Meta, Google, Apple, and all the other big ones, but the EU is far from finished.


The EU wants at least 15 different components (they must be offered for at least five years, and includes, among other things, batteries, screens, chargers, back plates, and the SIM tray) to be able to repair themselves and that mobile phones must withstand at least 500 complete charges without the battery - the quality falls below 83 percent of 100 percent capacity.


Requires five years of security updates after the product is discontinued
They also want mobile phones sold within their area to be energy-labeled, in many ways in the same way as white goods, but with information on how long the battery is expected to last, and how much the device can withstand for example. fall.


It does not stop with hardware, because it is also desired that mobile security updates five years after the device disappears from the market and functionality updates for three years.


The rules do not apply to mobiles and tablets with flexible screens or smartphones that are used with extra high security.

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