Jan 18, 2022 safari apple

Safari leaks your browser history

A bug in WebKit, the underlying technology behind Apple's browser Safari, leaks information about browser history and Google Account information when logged into Google services.

The holes hit Safari 15 and therefore macOS, as well as iOS and iPadOS

It is FingerprintJS that has revealed the hole that is considered rough. The security experts contacted Apple about the problem on November 28, but have not heard back from the company.


The problem briefly explained, is that IndexedDB used in Safari incorrectly shares database information with web pages that have nothing to do with the other domain. In this way, the website can retrieve information from the database.


You can check with your own browser and Google ID that the error works.


This is how it works:



Google did not make the same mistake
Your Googe ID, which is a unique number, can also be retrieved and then hackers can also link this ID with other websites the surfer visits - in this way, hackers can create an image of a possible victim.


FingerprintJS has tested with 30 large websites and found that the technique works, but the number is probably much higher as it will probably be able to be used on almost all websites that use the IndexedDB JavaScript API.


The correct way to do this, and as Chrome already does, is that the website can only see databases created by the same domain as its own, as 9to5Mac points out.

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