May 24, 2023 ps playstation 5 vr

We didn't think Playstation would make it

There were gloomy forecasts before Sony started selling the PlayStation VR2, and the industry, in general, has shown a lukewarmness towards VR headsets for a long time, after the Meta Quest hype had died down.



Surprisingly good sales

But now Sony reveals that sales of the second generation of VR headsets sold far better after the launch than at the first attempt.


During the first six weeks, they sold 600,000 of them, which is around eight percent more than PS VR in the same number of weeks. This, therefore, includes sales (sales start: 22 February) until the beginning of April, i.e. has Sony sold more than this now?


The problem with the VR headsets, beyond being closed off in their own world and largely isolated, is the lack of really good games that are better than those found in the established entertainment ecosystems.


The question is whether they will be able to keep the growth going, or whether a possible lack of new content will harm them over time.



Will spend a lot more money on new brands
In the same breath, Sony states that they will spend more money on completely new brands for Playstation, which may also mean more VR games. By the financial year 2025, the target is 50 percent investment in existing brands and 50 percent in brand-new ones – an increase from 20 percent in 2019.


Sony will also increase the use of money in games that are web-based and that are under constant development, such as Destiny 2. By 2025, the goal is that 60 percent of the investments for PlayStation 5 will be directed to web-focused games and 40 percent to "traditional ” games.


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