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Does not have a single screw

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In 2021, Dell revealed the “Concept Luna.”

Can be opened in seconds
Desktop machines have a lot of screws, as do laptops which can have up to 400 of them!


Part of the point of the Luna laptop is to get rid of screws – on one of the first revisions, they managed to cut the number down to four. In the new model, there is not a single screw to be found.



Instead, a stick is used to open
“Where a traditional laptop today has around 400 screws, the Concept Luna does not have a single screw. All it takes is a small stick to open up the computer and remove all the components. It has no cables and only takes a few seconds to disassemble the computer and remove components such as the battery, fan, and motherboard.”


The machine is entirely modular: battery, CPU fan, motherboard, and even the screen can be easily lifted out.


There are many reasons to do things like get rid of screws as Dell's Glen Robson blogged about last December:


By combining Concept Luna's sustainable design with intelligent telemetry and robotic automation, we have created something that could potentially trigger a seismic shift in the industry and drive circularity at scale.

A simple sustainable device is one thing, but the real opportunity is the potential impact on the millions of technological devices sold each year and optimizing the materials in those devices for future reuse, refurbishment, or recycling.

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