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Important drivers launched

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AMD has released drivers that fix blue screen issues in Windows 11 2022 and Windows 10.

These Windows 10 and 11 drivers are important
All of AMD's CPU platforms are affected by the bug, including Athlon, Ryzen, and Threadripper.


You can download the drivers from AMD - see the bottom of the page.


In addition to correcting the gross errors, there are also problems to be aware of:


  • Sometimes custom installation fails to upgrade to the latest drivers

  • Text is not always correctly placed in the Russian language

  • Manual system reboot required on non-English OS after installation is complete

  • The uninstall log may falsely report that the deletion failed on non-English OSes


Dette er de støttede brikkesettene for “AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver”:



These CPUs are supported:


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