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Musk accuses Twitter of fraud

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It has been quiet about Musk's acquisition of Twitter for quite some time, but now it flares up again before the trial in October.

It will be decided in October

Many thought that Musk was only trying to negotiate down the price in the public space, which we also speculated, but now this seems to be far more complicated with a court case that will decide who has to pay who for what, if anything, and what actually happens with the acquisition if anything


Twitter's board was very happy with Musk's price for the company and unanimously recommended that all shareholders approve the deal, but then Musk said no because he believes the social network has too many fake accounts and bots.


It seems impossible to find out what the actual numbers are
Musk's lawyers now believe that 10 percent of Twitter's daily active users who see ads are inactive accounts.


Elon Musk's legal team has used Botometer to retrieve the information on the number of inactive accounts. Twitter's response is that Botometer cannot be trusted (and that the program believed there was a high probability that Musk's own Twitter account was a bot) and that it is "factually inaccurate, legally inadequate, and commercially irrelevant."


Twitter says it has given Musk all the information it has about its user base. Musk's response is that the company has given him "false and misleading representations." This is what the trial will determine: did Twitter give Musk the correct information, or is Musk right that the company tried to trick him into paying more for the service than it's really worth?

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