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Russians refuse to download Windows 11 and 10

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The big technology companies started withdrawing from Russia several months ago, including Microsoft, which has recently cut its staff by 400.

Russians must use VPN

Russian TASS now reports that people who tried to download Windows 11 and 10 receive a 404 error message stating that the file does not exist. Using a VPN connection outside of Russia solves the problem.


The Windows 11 Media Creation Tool can be downloaded but presents an error message: "For some unknown reason, this tool failed to run on your computer."


Also, ISOs, Windows 10 Update Assistant, and Windows 11 Installation Assistant Assistant are blocked with Russian IP.


Microsoft does not terminate existing contracts
Russia is mainly not VPN-friendly but now states that they do not want to prosecute use.


Microsoft has previously stated that current contracts will be maintained in the country, which makes it strange to block downloads of Windows.


Microsoft has not commented on the matter yet.

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