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Had to crisis-postpone new 5G standard in the US to avoid plane chaos

The US operators Verizon and AT&T were ready to clean out C-Band 5G technology in the US, but have now agreed to postpone.

Warned the US President of possible disaster

C-Band in the USA uses frequencies from 3.7GHz to 3.98GHz. In Europe, 3.3GHz to 3.8GHz is used.


The point of the C-Band upgrade in the US is to deliver a longer 5G range from the towers, but there is one big problem and that is air traffic. The two operators say that Europe has not experienced any problems, but the FCC maintains its position.


The major airlines sent a letter to the White House, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) on Monday this week to stop the rollout for safety reasons.


Did not get enough time
According to the companies, they would have had to stop almost all air traffic if the C-Band rollout had taken place.


More time is now required so that airports can implement a safety zone of 3.2 km to prevent the signals from the new 5G spectrum from rotating to the altimeters of the aircraft. On Sunday, the FCC had cleared 45 percent of the airports.


We'll find out more today
The FAA warned that more than 1,100 flights had been canceled and that 100,000 passengers had not been taken to the air.


Verizon and AT&T have agreed to postpone the rollout.

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Had to crisis-postpone new 5G standard in the US to avoid plane chaos

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