Feb 22, 2024 | IT Nvida

We never thought it would happen

Nvidia has finally started work on a new control panel.

One place for everything

They have announced a beta version of a total transformation that implements several of the functions from GeForce Experience, complete with an upgraded interface.


Nvidia has used the same control panel for as long as we can remember, but now it has been upgraded with an interface that is more reminiscent of GeForce Experience - it will also please everyone that you don't have to log in with an Nvidia account just to download new drivers . It is possible to log in, but mainly to link rewards to the account.


The fact that GeForce Experience is included means that you don't have to jump into another program just to activate optimized Nvidia settings per game. Nvidia promises to move everything into the new control panel, with some exceptions. Namely, they remove:


  • Streaming to Twitch and YouTube
  • Sharing images and video to Facebook and YouTube
  • Photo Mode and stereo recording


Nvidia Broadcast, Nvidia Omniverse and GeForce Now can be downloaded from the new app.

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