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No one has managed this before

Motorola has revealed the Razr 40 ultra.



Is already launched

"Meet the motorola razr family anno 2023 - two new devices that combine style and premium specifications to deliver an innovative mobile experience," explains Motorola. It is easy to see what has been improved: the outside screen is much larger and takes up almost the entire surface. It is good to see that folding mobile screens are rapidly improving, and this is the largest external screen available for flip mobiles.


What about the price? Motorola Razr 40 ultra will be available for sale at a suggested price of NOK 13,490 from 1 June. There is also a more affordable model, the Motorola Razr 40, which will arrive in the coming weeks and starts at NOK 9,990. 


New Razr can be set at several different angles thanks to Flex View technology, giving users new opportunities for interaction, recording, and creativity. Users can angle the device to easily view recipes while cooking, follow an online trainer, video chat with friends, and much more.


Alternatively, the device can be used as a tripod to take great photos and videos with hands-free recording, making good use of high-quality cameras, face tracking with AI, and previewing on the large external screen.  



Spotify on the external screen

There are also improvements with the external screen that offer new possibilities – per Motorola:


Panels:  Custom panels that allow users to prioritize what matters most. Swipe left or right for easy access to games, Google News, weather, contacts, Spotify and to view notifications. In addition, the Apps panel gives you access to almost all apps, such as Google Maps or Google Wallet, directly from the external screen.

Personalization: Users can choose from a selection of colorful live wallpapers and a range of Moto clock styles. The panels on the Home screen can also be moved and dropped so that they fit the individual perfectly. 

Games: Choose from various exciting games from Motorola and GameSnacks that work perfectly on the external screen. Play in mysterious surroundings in Golf Adventures, help a feline friend escape in Tiger Run or enjoy Marble Mayhem. 

Dedicated Spotify panel: Spotify users can control playback from the device's external display. Without opening the device, users can tap to continue listening where they left off, or start listening to something completely new. Or if the mood wasn't quite right, users can tap to switch to a new, personalized recommendation. 


Motorola looks forward to introducing a redesigned teardrop hinge in this new Razr model, with the industry's first dual-axis tracking that minimizes the size of the system. Compared to other foldable phones on the market, the razr 40 ultra is the thinnest when closed. And the hinge system combined with Ultra Thin Glass makes the phone almost borderless when open, which provides a seamless look with a smooth feel. 


Also, there was the camera system, including the selfie options:

12 MP with Instant Dual Pixel PDAF

Take photos with backgrounds in soft focus using a wide aperture of f/1.5

OIS eliminates unwanted shaking so that the images are always crystal clear. 

“With the external display, users can still use the main camera for selfies, or use the external display to preview content. Users can also flip up the Razor 40 ultra and use the 32 MP camera for selfies and video calls, or keep their hands free by positioning the phone to snap the perfect selfie. The last camera is an ultrawide + macro vision lens of 13 MP which opens up wide-angle images that fit 3X more in the image than a standard lens.”


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No one has managed this before

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