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This browser is the first with something that could be the future: dropping HTTP


Jan 20, 2021 | Category: General | Comments

Brave, a browser with a privacy focus, is the first to integrate the new P2P protocol.

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DO NOT do this - this is all it takes to herpe Windows 10


Jan 19, 2021 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

It is amazing that security is so weak
This error has existed in Windows 10 for three years, and is very serious as it is not just a matter of the computer hanging (we will return to that error) - no: here we are talking about data loss if you are unlucky.

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Employee leaked video of the Twitter boss promising to ban for a long time


Jan 18, 2021 | Category: General | Comments

In the clip below, which was sent to the leakers at Project Veritas by a Twitter employee, Jack Dorsey explains that the bans will continue - even after January 20 when Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

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