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So good is the new Mac Mini

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The first results are here. Turns on MacBook Air.

While Apple introduced a new iPad a few days ago, also an upgraded version of Apple Mini's light appeared.

The first results are here. Turns on MacBook Air.

While Apple introduced a new iPad a few days ago, also an upgraded version of Apple Mini's light appeared.

The Mac Mini has not been upgraded since 2014, so it was definitely on time.

But how does the new machine come, which, by the way, comes in the store shelves on November 7?

The first Geekbench 4 results are clear.

The test machine was the Mac Mini with a six-star 3.2GHz Intel Core i7 processor. In addition, it had 32GB of RAM (optional upgrade). This is not the cheapest machine, but an upgraded version.

However, the machine turns out to be about as good as an eight-core Mac Pro from 2013, which by the way costs many more thousands of dollars.

The single-core result shows a score of 5512 and the multi-core result 23516. Performance tests show that the 2018 Mac Mini model turns all Mac generations on single core tests, except for the iMac with a four-star 4.2GHz processor.

Stronger than new MacBook Air
Although Apple's 12-core Mac Pro and iMac Pro beat the new Mac Mini on performance, the latter is still far stronger than the latest MacBook Air.

We need more tests to get a good impression of performance, but there's a lot to suggest that the new Mac Mini adds more to a powerful laptop than a desktop PC.

There are relatively few benchmark tests to base on so far, so the whole story is obviously not told. We will of course return with more in-depth information when the machine reaches the shop shelves.

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