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After 26 years you can download

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Last September, Rare revealed that Goldeneye 007 was heading to modern consoles.

Now you can finally download Goldeneye 007 for Xbox with Game Pass and Nintendo Switch (with the correct ones, 26 years after Rare's legendary FPS debuted on the Nintendo 64.


January 27 is the day
But we didn't have a date then. We now have Friday 27 January.


The Xbox version (Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X are also supported) has 4K resolution, split-screen local multiplayer and higher FPS.


Also coming to Switch on Friday
The game comes with Xbox Game Pass and Rare Replay, so if you own one of these you don't need to buy it.


The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch on the same date, but it requires “Nintendo Switch Online” and “Expansion Pack.”


One of the reasons why it has taken so long is the license dispute, but now that it has been resolved there is very little time left to wait.



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