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UPDATED: Now everyone can get the battery percentage back

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Apple has updated its latest beta versions to version five, including tvOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Updated, August 9, 20:30:

Apple has launched the new beta versions for beta testers.


Updated, 19:44:

Apple has finally, since the introduction of FaceID in 2017, added support for the battery percentage to always be displayed - in other words, you are no longer dependent on pulling up the quick control panel to see the essential information.


The function is activated from settings, battery, and from there you activate the battery percentage.


All beta OS updated
As usual, developers get to download first, then beta testers will probably get to download tomorrow or on Wednesday.


It is currently unknown if there is anything new in these versions, but there are guaranteed to be many bug fixes.


On August 4, it was revealed by Mark Gurman that iPadOS 16 has been delayed until October:
The reason must be precisely the new multitasking experience. Exactly what the cause of the delay is uncertain, but Gurman has been critical of it and he writes that the beta test has revealed "criticism from some developers and users for bugs, a confusing interface and lack of compatibility with most iPads .


Because Apple has a lot to launch, this will allow Apple to devote more technical resources to completing iOS 16, the software update that will arrive with the iPhone 14 in September.”

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