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Has invested heavily in podcasts - now Spotify is closing down the studio

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Most people have realized that Spotify has invested heavily in the podcast industry in recent years, where some of its activities have been to take over existing studios. Several media outlets are now writing that the company is closing down its in-house podcast studio, Studio 4.


As early as January last year, we announced that podcasts might not be what the company needed.

The staff is amazed
The Verge and 9To5Mac are among the sites reporting the news. The employees are said to have been surprised when they were informed of the information, and some of them were assigned other roles in Spotify while the others were laid off with the opportunity to apply for other positions in the company.


It should have been on Tuesday that the employees in Studio 4 under Spotify were notified that they will close down after 21 January. The studio was the first of its kind in Spotify and originated in the time before the company went out and took over several studios. They are responsible for original podcasts such as Dissect and Chapo: Kingpin on Trial.


One of the employees is said to have stated that the news is an insult to those who work there.


Referred to as a rubbish bin
The company has not yet given a public explanation as to why they are closing down Studio 4, but 9To5Mac reproduces an internal statement stating that the decision has been made to help the company with future development. The decision must have been made to allow for more effective collaboration across the company, according to the report.


Several of the employees are said to have described the studio as a rubbish bin where projects that did not fit in with their other studios ended up.

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