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Now it turns blue again

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Microsoft can not quite decide: should the computer display blue or black screen when it crashes?

The new version is here soon
The company has released version 22000.346 to the Beta and "Release Preview" test channels, and with the new version, Microsoft has returned to the blue error screen instead of a black one.


The test versions of Windows 11 were also black, so it is possible that Microsoft thought as in 2016 when they tested Windows 10 with a green error message screen (which we reported in December of the same year): it may be smart to distinguish between test and finished versions, but now that Windows 11 has been launched, it is probably no longer needed.


We changed the screen to blue when a device stops working or an error occurs as in previous versions of Windows.


There's a bigger Reddit thread that's fun at detecting BSODs on big public screens.

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