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Now you can do the iPhone trick on a Mac like a "ninja"

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MakeTheWeb has created a small app for macOS (and in time for macOS 12 Monterey that has been launched, and more) that hides the 1080p camera area.

Ninjas come to the rescue
"TopNotch" is the name of the app that hides the "bus pocket" at the top of the screen.


Apple has its own guidelines for how developers should proceed in apps, but if you want to override them or use an app that never gets an update that adds support, this app is smart - it can also hide the camera area in macOS by putting on a black frame on top.


The app supports dynamic backgrounds, multiple screens, and is in the background so you only have to think about regretting your MacBook Pro purchase. It looks like the machines are a success, at least if we only look at what Engadget thinks that gives the 14 inches 92 out of 100 points.


We will present our first impressions of the MacBook Pro 14 (the most affordable model) tomorrow.






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