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Warzone and Vanguard install a driver to stop cheaters

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"Now a driver is needed because cheat software has become too sophisticated"

Valorant is the first game that requires your computer to support Windows 11.


This means that the hardware must be good enough and that the motherboard can handle TPM 2.0 and “Secure Boot”.


The game has in fact baked both of these technologies as a minimum requirement for the FPS game in its Vanguard Anti-Cheat system.


So even if the game can run on machines that do not have universal performance, you will be stopped if you run Windows 11. "


Now Activision does not do the same with "Ricochet Anti-Cheat" for Vanguard and Warzone, but they go much further than what is traditional: a driver must be driven when playing to stop cheaters.



Ricochet comes to Warzone first
They announce that the "kernel-level" driver will only be released when the upcoming "Pacific" update is released to Warzone and that it will later be released to Vanguard.


The system consists of several parts; a server part that keeps track of statistics to detect cheating, more thorough investigations to stop the cheaters, as well as improved account security, and more.


And more includes machine learning to catch suspicious player patterns.


There is nothing similar to consoles, but as Activision points out, console gamers fighting PC gamers will also benefit from this.


The driver only monitors and reports activity related to Call of Duty, including programs that interact with Call of Duty to detect if they are manipulating the game.


We hope this does not offer technical curls
The driver will be a requirement for play that starts automatically with the game and stops when the game ends.


Removing the game removes the driver because it is part of the installation.


Activision says that they have tested the driver for everything to work properly ("stability" is the term they use ") and that they will continue testing and improving the software after the first launch.


Sources: activision

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