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Google accuses Epic of breach of contract

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Apple and Google are now going after Epic Games at the same time. It became known a few days ago that Apple is appealing the verdict against Epic after they first stated that the decision was a victory. The reason is that Apple has to accept alternative payment platforms such as Paddle.

"Billions of dollars and in part control of the App Store were at stake for Apple in the case Epic filed against them.


Judge Gonzalez Rogers ruled in favor of Apple in nine of the ten claims made by Epic, and Apple went out and called the verdict a "resounding victory".


But Apple lost on one important point: The judge demanded that Apple let the developers link to external payment systems. That decision would take effect from December this year, and that is probably the time Apple is trying to delay through new rounds in the courtrooms. "


Now Google is complaining to the court system, believing that Google knowingly and intentionally broke the contract that allowed Fortnite to remain on the Play Store - this by updating the game with a version that did not include a requirement to use Google Pay for in-app purchases.


Google reports:

"Consumers and developers do not have to use Google Play but choose to use it when they get to choose between Android's app stores and distribution channels.

Google supports their choice through Android, Google Play's guidelines, and Google's agreements with developer and device manufacturers. ”


Google says it's okay for Fortnite players to be offered alternative payment solutions, but not on the Play Store, and points out that Apple's ecosystem is completely closed (there are alternatives to the Play Store): if you do not use the App Store, you will not be able to download the app.


Google now requires payment for money generated when the game was downloaded to the Play Store when content was traded outside the Google Pay system.


Epic, for its part, believes that Google has tried to trade them via Tencent as the owner who owns a minority share (40 percent) of the game producer, which is worth NOK 283 billion.


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