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If you are waiting for AirPods Pro 2, you will have to wait a long time

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LeaksApplePro is considered a credible Apple leak.

It seems that AirPods Pro is far away

Now the insider cold showers the hope of anyone who wants to upgrade in a few short months or even this month, because according to the person, the updated plugs will not arrive until the third quarter of next year.


In October last year, the same leak revealed a price of 2200 kroner, better battery life, "slightly better" noise cancellation, and light sensors that surround the device, perhaps for better registration when you take them on and off.


New AirPods may come this month

Last year, the launch estimate was far more optimistic: fourth quarter this year or first quarter next year. Why LeaksApplePro believes that the product will not arrive until almost a year from now is not known, but it is possible that it is due to a lack of components.


We have also not heard anything more about updated non-Pro AirPods that have been announced a number of times to be launched this year. The last chance is Apple's press conference to be held once this month to unveil the new MacBook Pro.

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