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Build a PC for free (Epic Games)

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Epic is giving away "PC Building Simulator" until October 14, ie Thursday next week.

"PC Building Simulator" has over 650,000 downloads and very good shots on Steam

The cool thing about the simulator is that it offers real components, ie brands that are licensed, and with the correct dimensions so that this is the closest you get to building on real.


You can also learn to diagnose errors (there is always RAM!).


Share your self-build experiences in the comments section

Just be sure to replace the included CPU fan.


Our experience with the AMD Ryzen 5600x as an automatic overclock was an average of 89 degrees in a mid-tower machine with AMD's own cooler. Funny enough, this simulator game was created in collaboration with AMD.


There are a bunch of brands in the "game" for an authentic experience:



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