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Therefore, Facebook was away for six hours

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Facebook was down for many hours last night from before 18:00. GMT +2

This happened
It turns out now, which first reported on Twitter of web experts there that examined the DNS tables, that there was an error set up in the network that caused many hours of downtime, more than we can remember for many years if any anger. So it was not talking about hacker attacks either within or foreign.


Now sorry Facebook in a blog post and confirms what we got to hear from non-confirmed sources:


There were some who experienced a particularly bad day at work after the wrong-configured online.


The problem was so all-encompassing that also internal tools and systems were affected, which "complicated our attempts at an instant to diagnose and fix the problem".


The engineering teams found that changes in the configuration on the backbone rows that coordinate network traffic between our data centers, caused problems that interrupted this communication.


"No evidence that user data is astray"


Our services are now back again and we actively work to get them back to normal operation.


We want to make it clear that we believe the cause of the fracture was incorrect configuration change.


We have no evidence that user data was compromised as a result of the downtime.


Facebook Sorry:
"People and businesses around the world trust that we each stay in touch.


We understand the impact violations that these have on human life, and our responsibility to keep people informed about disturbances in our services.


We apologize to anyone who is affected, and we are working to understand more about what happened today so that we can continue to make our infrastructure more resistant. "


On Twitter, the party atmosphere among users, and Twitter himself, who saw a stream of new active users as a result of the many hours of downtime for the Arch competitor. Also, Telegram saw new users flock to the service because WhatsApp was gone.

Sources: facebook

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