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Some good news and some strange news from Apple

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The battery life of the iPhone 13 excels positively in video streaming compared to the iPhone 12, but why in the world have they tampered with the chip in the iPad mini?

Fabulous power optimization for 13 Series streaming
Apple has gotten a lot out of the batteries in the iPhone 13, for example, the 13 Pro Max offers the longest battery life in an iPhone ever.


But Apple's own battery comparisons of the iPhone 13 and 12 series show that it is in the streaming video performance that the 13 series really really stands out.


  • iPhone 12 mini: 10 hours iPhone 13 Mini: 13 hours

  • iPhone 12: 11 hours iPhone 13: 19 hours

  • iPhone 12 Pro: 11 hours iPhone 13 Pro: 20 hours

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: 12 hours iPhone 13 Pro Max: 25 hours


The iPhone 13 series features new low-power displays, a more efficient A15 chip, larger batteries, and more power-efficient components that together provide dramatic improvements when streaming, as the figures above show.


Taken into account the prevalence of flow
For example, Apple claims that when streaming video, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max last nine hours and 13 hours longer than similar models from last year, respectively.


By the same token, the battery in the iPhone 13 mini lasts 13 hours, which is longer than even the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Apple has clearly taken into account how widespread video streaming has become in the calculations and integration of hardware and software behind the power optimizations in the 13 Series.


Why clocking down?
iPhone 13 is equipped with Apple's new A15 Bionic chip.


The same is the new iPad mini, but benchmark results show that it is clocked at 2.9 GHz in the iPad mini compared to 3.2 GHz in all iPhone 13 models.


It provides a degraded performance of two to eight percent for the iPad mini.


In Geekbench 5, the iPad mini achieves an average of 1,595 and 4,540 points on single and multi-core tests, compared to an average of 1,730 and 4,660 for the iPhone 13 Pro.


Only Apple knows
Why Apple has clocked down the A15 chip in the iPad mini, only Apple itself knows - and so far they have not given an answer to those who ask.


The new iPad mini will be launched next Friday. iPhone 13 can already be pre-ordered.

Sources: macrumors

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