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All about the latest Android 12 changes

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The third preview, Developer Preview Three (DP3), by the Android 12 developer has been launched with new application animations, improved touch feedback, new camera tools, and more. Android 12 builds on Android 11 from 2020, which is still not in place in everyone's smartphones. Beta is expected to come this summer.

"Splash screen" when apps are launched
In addition to updates that are mainly aimed at developers, DP3 includes a redesigned app launcher that provides an automatic "splash screen" when apps are launched, automatic support for dark themes, adjusted call notifications for specific apps, and new permissions for certain types of apps, such as worked not the alarm properly on third party watches. In the future, you will miss fewer alarms.

Several apps will have access to the mobile camera's special features such as night and portrait mode. Google will allow more apps to use the phone's special camera features (things like night mode or portrait mode, etc.) with some adjustments. Many apps make poor use of the camera's capabilities. Google wants to let third-party apps make better use of the features of extremely high-resolution cameras; Sensors of this type work quite differently from "normal" sensors.

DP3 is available for Pixel 5, 4, and 3.

One-handed mode
Google seems to have a feature in Android 12 that makes it easier to use the phone with one hand. Developers can now test the feature. One-handed mode is disabled in the default settings.

One-handed mode is similar to Apple's iOS '"reachability" or "easy to reach". To switch to one-handed mode, swipe near the bottom of the screen. You can choose between the function automatically switching off when you switch to another app, or it does so after a defined number of seconds.

Like iOS 14, Android now shows a small dot if an app uses the microphone or camera.

There are also new privacy settings where, unlike iOS 14, you can also turn off the microphone or camera completely.

It also seems like Google is working on a new widget system in Android 12, not unlike iOS 14 with rounded edges and a more airy design.

Android 12 is also said to redesign quick settings with more square icons and fewer icons per line.

Smoother wifi sharing
Android 12 can make it easier to share your wifi password. The new wifi sharing is said to come as a separate button that allows users to share the password with people nearby without physical contact (between phones) or scanning.

As of today, users must scan a QR code through the "Wifi Easy Connect" protocol to share the wifi password.

Easier to use other app stores
Google says that after feedback from developers, they will change the policy and make it easier to use other app stores. At the same time, Google promises that this will not compromise security. The company promises more information later.

It is already possible to install apps on Android via some third-party stores, including Samsung's Galaxy Store.

This does not mean that Google will change the rules for purchases in apps downloaded via Google Play. There, all developers selling digital products must still use the Google Play payment system. This is the fact that Apple's and Google's ongoing conflict with Fortnite developer Epic Games is about.

None of these changes need to come in the final version of Android 12.

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